our method

The City Coalition approach starts with cultural interventions that connect people and different parties in the city that normally don’t meet each other. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation and economic activity and has proven to be successful.


local events

Coalition diner, benefit concert, walking dinner & pop-up bazaar

Exploration and analysis

Build a city coalition in your municipality. We would like to explore together where the points of contact in your municipality are  to start working with The City Coalition methodology.


cultural sustainability

In collaboration with

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam SERVUS

24th of May 2019


more info

regional, national and european development

Intake exploration cooperation

Coaching Events

Podcasts City Coalition Method

Skype Consult

30min service

on request

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“The City coalition is culture, entrepreneurship and community spirit; connected in the best way. ”

- Arnout Timmerman

social and cultural policy developer

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