the method

"the City coalition UNLOCKS TALENTS, 
enrichES cultural life AND CONNECTS PEOPLE. RESULTS ARE SOCIAL COHESION, ECONOMICAL cooperatioN AND CULTURAL inspiration from various parts of the world. A MORE HAPPY AND HEALTHY COMMUNITY."

The City Coalition approach starts with cultural interventions that connect people and different parties in the city that normally don’t meet each other. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation and economic activity and has proven to be successful.

key-questions city coalition approach
  • How come new citizens don't to prosper in our society?

  • What happens when we use different words and thus change our perspectives?

  • How can we realize social sustainability and inclusion?

The City coalition approach explores innovative ways to connect new and established city members.

Change starts with language, words lead to behavior and results. If we take peoples individual talents as a starting point it will lead to reciprocity, giving & receiving, respect and cooperation.


our commitments
  • An eye for talent

  • Heart for people and their stories

  • Connection through creating encounters and cultural interventions

  • Collective interventions like coalition diners, concerts and pop-up bazaars

  • Create situations of reciprocity: What can I do for you? What can you do for me?

  • Learn the local language by doing (apprenticeship and cooperation in the same field)

  • Building up a personal network growing in the community via SMEs

Impact city coalition
  • Changing the discourse, creating dialogue

  • Crossovers between different parties in the city (also politically diverse)

  • Empowerment of new talents, building trust and meeting local demands

Reason for the city coalition
  • The main reason for the start of the City Coalition was the alarming report of the (Dutch) Advisory Board of the Government (WRR) “No time to waste” in 2015. The conclusion of this report was that 50% of new citizens never will be active on the Dutch labour market. The result is a waste of talent and a loss of social and economic capital, among other negative effects both on an individual level as well as in our society at large

Esseline van de Sande

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Social psychologist, publicist.

Facilitates social change

Bader Atem

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Event organiser and presenter

Joël van Dooren

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Local coalition partners


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Graphic designer

Maurice Kraanen

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Program maker and artist with an eye for social cohesion as an art form

Shamie Hamidi

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Secretary Afghan cultural foundation

Haimanot Belay

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Intercultural advisoer

the core team

“The City coalition is culture, entrepreneurship and community spirit; connected in the best way. ”

- Arnout Timmerman

social and cultural policy developer

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